Just Arrived: JOM Coilovers for MK1 - MK6 - Starting at $439

2/15/10Body slam your car without breaking the bank. These budget friendly coilovers are a great alternative to a spring and shock combination at an even better price with the added bonus of ride height adjustability. Get your car dialed in just where you want it!


STAGE 3 Engine mounts just released:

1/11/10Not for the faint of heart this mount is intended for ultimate peformance. Made from machined Delrin, it will keep your motor planted firmly in place allowing all of your precious ponies to be transferred to the pavement. With that added performance comes increased vibration so we do recommend these for race applications, or those who are just a little off in the head.


MK1 Crossmember Bar Re-release. New and Improved Design.

12/6/09Recently re-released, our new and improved crossmember bar for the MK1 chassis solves an age old problem by strengthening the front end of your old VW. Direct bolt-in fit, stainless steel construction and added ridigidity mean it can handle all of the power you can throw at it.



Free Trial, Free Shipping on all Sprint Booster Throttle Enhancement Modules

11/25/09Tired of a sluggish gas pedal? The Sprint Booster Throttle Enhancement Module will make your accelerator pedal feel much more responsive. Ever seen the sport mode button in newer cars? Same idea. It improves the feel significantly in a way that no other modification or software can.


BFI Now Carrying SPA Turbo Products

8/3/09BFI is proud to be bringing the North American market these long standing products from South America. With a variety of turbos and manifolds, these high quality parts are what you need to build high horsepower at a great a price. Several unique options and fitments are available. See more on our online store.